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A More Resilient Region

CMRPC is embarking on a bold planning opportunity to help the Central Massachusetts and Eastern Connecticut region's be at the forefront of climate change resiliency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction efforts!

Through funding from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) directed to the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program is a national effort to create short and long term plans for regional approaches to GHG emission reductions. CMRPC is leading the efforts for the greater Worcester region, one of 67 regions in the U.S. large enough to guarantee funding from the program and will work hard over the next four years to develop key deliverables and plans that aim to produce action items that can be funded and implemented in order to reduce GHG emissions throughout the area.

Our approach to this massive planning effort is to work extensively with our 40 communities and with our adjacent planning agencies to engage with their communities as the greater Worcester Area defined for this program goes beyond CMRPC boundaries. We plan on developing strategies and action items that can be used by rural, suburban, and urban communities so that emissions reduction efforts can be seen and appreciated by all, regardless or where you live.

The program is in its early days, and we intend to keep all communities in the area up to date with our planning approach, but if you or someone you know is interested in climate resiliency planning and GHG emissions reduction efforts, we encourage you to stay in touch as we move this planning opportunity forward.

Please reach out to our planner, Ian McElwee at, with any questions you might have.


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