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The Planning Process

  • CMRPC staff are leading the planning process and grant administration.

  • CMRPC staff plan to work closely with the sub-grantees:

    • Montachusett Regional Planning Commission (MRPC)

    • Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments (NECCOG)

  • Sub-grant awards will be used to work with partners to:

    • Conduct community engagement in non-CMRPC areas.​

    • Provide GHG emissions analysis and modeling for the full grant area.

  • Establish a Committee to help oversee the overall planning process. 

  • CMRPC staff will be providing project updates to all communities through social media/project website.

  • CMRPC will work with sub-contractor, Weston & Sampson, to inform the planning process through analysis and modeling and develop an interactive emissions toolkit.

CPRG Project Area

Three Workplan Deliverables Required

  • Plan aims to develop short-term, high-priority, and implementation-ready measures to reduce GHG pollution and provide an analysis of GHG emissions reductions that would be acheived through implementation.

  • The plan must include:

    • GHG inventory​

    • Quantified GHG reduction measures

    • Low-income and disadvantaged communities (LIDAC) benefits analysis

    • Review of authority to implement

  • Submitted March 2024.

Planning Sectors & Strategies
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Emission Reductions

Reductions will be targeted in the listed sectors

  1. Transportation

  2. Electricity

  3. Commercial & Residential Buildings

  4. Agriculture/Natural & Working Lands

  5. Waste & Materials Management

  6. Industry (will be included in CCAP)

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